Cheap Review of Poetry

Cheap Review of Poetry: Editors: Anique Taylor, Etan Ben-Ami Volume 1 / 1986

Anique and Etan met in Alice Notley’s Master Class at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project (at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery) in (&around) the mid 1980’s in the East Village. They  continued on, studying with Bernadette Mayer.

In the midst of a legendary poetry community, with so many wonderful poets (& that generation of New York School), poetry was happening everywhere. It might have been in the church courtyard after a class, or at the Ukrainian National Home for drinks afterward, or hanging out on the stoop of Anique’s building (which was a half-block away from the Church) when – either Etan or Anique said – Hey! Why don’t we start our own magazine?

At first this was a wonderful idea. Anique, an artist, said: I’ll do the covers.

And they put out the word to their poetry friends who passed it on through the community. The first issues were 8.5X11 stapled copy-shop magazines. Ron Holm gladly accepted them for the St. Mark’s Book Store. The magazine published beautiful work from local poets, some well-known, some developing and growing.

After the fourth (very successful) issue, Etan and Anique realized they’d become inundated with submissions, meetings, decisions. Editing the magazine had turned into a full-time job which neither could sustain. So they quietly (and sadly) put to rest their lovely magazine without any announcements.

Please contact Anique Sara Taylor if other contributors’ names appear, or images of the covers for issues #3 and #4 surface.

It was a joy and honor to be part of that beautiful world.

Taylor, Anique, and Etan Ben-Ami (eds.), Contributors (among others) Bernadette Mayer, Jim Brodey, Simon Pettet, Tom Savage, Ellen Mudd, Sparrow, Bob Holman, Steve Carey, Peter Bushyeager, Anique Taylor, Sheila Alson, Alice Notley and many others.

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